Ward Simpson

Whether you are actively looking to move or simply curious about potential opportunities, Ward Simpson is able to give you a complete overview of the current market.

Ward Simpson’s approach is to discuss, on a totally confidential basis, how you would like your career to develop, and how best this is achieved.

We will strive to explore new challenges or avenues available to you and can work proactively with you in both identifying and securing the best possible role. Ward Simpson’s commitment to you is long term, and there is absolutely no obligation or pressure for you to move. That decision is entirely yours.

We do not list our current assignments or active vacancies, as at Senior level, opportunities are often created by an individual’s unique set of skills and experience.

Our market knowledge and extensive network of contacts ensure that our success level is high.

Areas of particular expertise include:

Corporate Recovery, Restructuring & Turnaround
Audit & Advisory
Forensic Accounting
Risk Management
Corporate Finance

If you would like to discuss your own specific circumstances or gain a more general overview of the current market, please email or call on 020 7499 2744